Dialogue meeting ‘Healthcare for new immigrants’

On the 16th of November Health[e]Foundation facilitated a dialogue meeting, organized by Stichting Fonds Huisartsen in Achterstandswijken (FHA) Haaglanden and the City of The Hague in the Humanity House in The Hague. Physicians and immigrants from Syria and Eritrea joined during an interesting and interactive evening. After a warm welcome by Regina Kruse (director of FHA) the group challenges were discussed using an interactive quiz. Some of the challenges were directly discussed during the presentation of Alette Broekens (coordinator of a healthcare program for refugees, City of The Hague). Followed by four former refugees from Syria and Eritrea that shared their experience with the Dutch healthcare system and its providers. They shared advice how physicians can improve their habits in practice. Ursula Dewkalie, from Parnassia gave a presentation on the organizations and institutions in The Hague that offer guidance and support for diagnosis and treatment of mental health problems.

The evening ended with a short discussion and the announcement that all the participants who were present will have the opportunity to do the e-learning part of the Refugee Care[e]Education course for free, we are grateful with the financial support of Stichting Dioraphte, that makes this training possible.