Crowd funding for Philippines

After sucessfully having trained 100 teachers, peer educators and university students as trainers of the Community[e]Education program in Cambodia, they together have trained over 3900 adolescents within less than a year’s time! This means an average of 39 students per trained facilitator!

Due to this huge succes we would now like to implement the program in the Philippines as well where the subject of sexual and reproductive health is still a taboo to talk about. The high STD infection rate, abortion rate and HIV/AIDS prevalence, however, shows how necessary this program is!

Help us train 100 adolescents as trainers over a year’s time through our blended learning concept: an e-learning course combined with a three day face to face kick-off workshop and a two day final workshop!

The Community[e]Education program makes use of animations, cartoons, trigger tapes and interactive games to inform children and young adolescents about the human body, reproductive health, safe sex, sex & gender, STD’s and HIV/AIDS. The program is set up as a database which can be used for any facilitator of sexual and reproductive health in order to plan different lessons for their students.

Community[e]Education also focuses on building life-skill capacities to empower young adolescents by addressing topics such as “Communication and Negotiation skills”. Showing adolescents that open communication is possible, even about sensitive topics, gives them the confidence to start talking about things that might preoccupy them and about issues that they can struggle with during puberty. Local ownership and sustainability of the program by adolescents is ensured by training them as the trainers to their peers.

We already have three universities and one high-school waiting to be trained with the Community[e]Education program in the Philippines. All we need now is the funding! Help us raise $75,000 needed in order to bring this program to the Philippines!

For more information on Health[e]Foundation and our blended learning concept, combining an e-learning course with onsite workshops, see

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