Continuation of the work of MKI in South Africa by Health[e]Foundation

The board of Health[e]Foundation and the board of the Medical Knowledge Institute (MKI) decided to work on a common plan in which Health[e]Foundation will continue the work of Stichting MKI in South Africa. With funding of € 250.000 the activities of Health[e]Foundation were focused on provision of training for teachers on health-related topics for communities, a training program dedicated to inform South African youth on Health[e]Living.

Twelve to sixteen year olds are educated in nutrition, gender roles, safe sex, contraception and safe abortion, addiction, healthy body and life skills. Like all programs of Health[e]Foundation the program followed the concept of blended learning, a combination of on-site and online training, in order for teachers to be able to reach out to as many youngsters as possible.

From 2014-2016, together with the Desmond Tutu HIV foundation and Ndlovu Care Group a total number of 250 educators and community workers were trained in South Africa. They educated over 7,000 adolescents.

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