Closing workshop Refugee Care[e]Education in Utrecht

A group of 20 very enthusiastic general practitioners, physician assistants (POH-GGZ) and GZA workers attended the closing workshop of the course Refugee Care[e]Education in Utrecht, The Netherlands on the second of April. After a three months period of self-study of 8 modules, all of the participants graduated and finished the course by sharing their experiences and knowledge in the closing workshop.

During the workshop three guest speakers were invited to talk about different aspects of refugee care in The Netherlands. Important themes where the health of newcomers, how local care was organized and the responsibilities of different organizations dealing with refugees, and how to cope with psychological problems of refugees. With a small interactive exercise, the participants were introduced to trans-cultural psychiatry and how to execute the cultural formation interview. With several case studies, the participants were triggered with new insights on how to improve the treatment and understanding of refugees. During the discussions, the challenges participants face in their daily practice where shared and local solutions and referral options were exchanged. A big ‘thank you’ to everyone who participated and congratulations with all your hard work.