Capacity strengthening for project sustainability in Ethiopia

Ensuring sustainability of programs following the project period is a challenging yet crucial element for success. It has been one of the key essentials of our recently finalized Nuffic-funded TMT+ program in Ethiopia focusing on training pre- and in-service midwives on how to continue to safely perform their core tasks during times of a pandemic; the Pandemic[e]Response e-course.

Throughout implementation, we worked extensively with the Ethiopian Midwives Association, and four collaborating Universities located in Addis Ababa, Jimma, Debre Birhan and Wolkite. The extent of institutional integration and the recognition of the importance of this training has been impressive.  It was therefore not hard to select a group of enthusiastic teachers, implementers, and facilitators to become familiarized with the continued implementation of the blended-learning training.

For this purpose, we developed the “Program planning, facilitation and [e]valuation training” focusing on strengthening capacities and skills in program planning, facilitation, and evaluation to deliver empowering programs for students, and a basic introduction to facilitation of the e-learning course on the Moodle learning management system (LMS). The training started with a kick-off meeting and introduction to the LMS, followed by a month of e-learning and practicing with activities and the Moodle LMS, and was concluded by a follow-up meeting, certification, and evaluation.

The evaluation results indicated a high appreciation and relevance of the trainings content; everyone indicated to have acquired new and applicable knowledge and skills. Most important lessons learnt included how to identify target groups, the importance of evaluation and planning and the relevance of extensive preparation time to tailor approach and content to target audiences.

‘I have learnt so many things, especially on preparation, you have to prepare plenty time in advance, identify the audience, the objective of the training, the materials, so I got so many things on both facilitation and communication skills.’

Project manager of EMwA

‘I am very happy to get the chance to learn these modules and overview of the e-learning platform. Things are shifting to internet-based learning in the world especially since the COVID- 19 Pandemic, so this is the base for our future career and we should plan and work towards digitalization of teaching-learning activities for our students. Hopefully our partnership will not end by this, we will work together on activities like developing proposals together and searching international funds. So on behalf of Jimma University, I can confidently express our full willingness and readiness to work with your team in any aspects.’

– Biru Abdissa, head of Jimma University School of Midwifery
Zoom group picture with (part of) the participants of the training after certification

This Program planning, facilitation and [e]valuation training successfully added to the capacity strengthening for sustainability of our collaborative programs in Ethiopia and is ready to be used for other programs as well. If you are interested, please reach out to [email protected]