Back in Rwanda!

Following the 3 years’ Health[e]Families program in Rwanda we are pleased that we can continue our collaboration in Rwanda. With an educational grant of ViiV, we returned to Kigali to train medical doctors, medical interns and nurses with the HIV[e]Education and Treat’n Care[e]Education course.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health Rwanda, University of Rwanda and thanks to the great work of our country representative Marie Michele Umulisa two kick-off workshops were organized on the 30th and 31st of August. In the workshops 116 participants were introduced to Health[e]Foundation and the e-learning platform. Dr. Muhayimpundu Ribakare from the Rwanda Biomedical Center, Rwanda Ministry of Health gave a meaningful presentation on the current status of HIV in Rwanda and the great progress Rwanda is making in combating the 90-90-90 goal. Participants received a personal account and a USB stick with the course, which enables them to study the modules in 3 months selflearning.

In the next newsletter we will give you an update on our return to Rwanda for the follow-up workshops and how many participants received their certificates!