Articulate Storyline: e-Learning for our youngest learners

With over 20 years of experience, Health[e]Foundation has been offering post-graduate training to more than 20,000 healthcare professionals around the globe. Since a couple of years, also university students became part of Health[e]Foundation’s training audience, now followed by adolescents and primary school children.

Obviously, younger learners require a different approach than adult learners.

First of all, when we are targeting university students and high school adolescents we have to realize they are already part of an educational system. This means that e-learning is an additional source of information which needs to be carefully aligned with an existing curriculum. Hence, Health[e]Foundation develops e-learning programs in close collaboration with universities and schools to offer an e-learning curriculum that is complementary and meets the needs of both learners and the educational institute.

Secondly, young learners usually have different motivations and a shorter concentration span than adult learners. Often the e-learning program is a mandatory component of their education which means that there can be a lower intrinsic motivation compared to healthcare professionals who have a personal drive to update their knowledge and skills or receive accreditation. This means that it is more important than ever to create engaging e-learning programs for young learners.

To do so, interactivity is key!

That is why we use Articulate Rise and Storyline to build engaging and interactive courses that work on any kind of device. Particularly for the youngest target groups, Articulate Storyline enables us to develop e-learning programs based on storytelling, which takes the learner away from reading text and is based on cartoonlike and often voice-based information sharing. These learning modules can be enriched with quizzes; interactive games; and case studies. Learning modules are short to keep learners engaged and often have relatable personas guiding the learner through the program. In this way, Health[e]Foundation is proud to have completion rates within their blended-learning programs for young learners of >80%.

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