A workshop with AFEW International at Congres SOA*HIV*Seks in Amsterdam

In light of our collaboration with AFEW International, with whom we developed the new e-learning course on community based participatory research (CBPR), we had the opportunity to facilitate a workshop at the Congres Soa*Hiv*Seks in Amsterdam on 1 December. The national conference on STIs, sex and HIV/AIDS is organized every year on World AIDS Day in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

After a short presentation about our organizations, collaboration and the potential of community based participatory research, the participants of the session were invited to discuss statements related to CBPR. Participants were all professionals working in the field of SRHR, some more experienced with CBPR than others. Most of them saw the potential of CBPR in their field of research, but also acknowledged the challenges. One of the challenges mentioned are the difficulties to publish articles based on CBPR in the scientific journals as CBPR is generally valued as less esteemed scientific approach compared to more conventional research methods. We hope to discuss and promote this form of research at the AIDS2018 conference in Amsterdam via this e-learning course with AFEW.

The CBPR course is publicly available via our website www.healthefoundation.eu (course fee € 75).