A successful Big Data, eHealth & Education Symposium

The 9th of June the Big Data, eHealth & Education Symposium took place at the AMC organized by AIGHD, Health[e]Foundation and Joep Lange Institute. It was a timely afternoon with up-to-date valuable and inspiring presentations.

The afternoon was opened and chaired by Hans Romijn, Chairman of the executive board of the AMC and dean of the medical faculty. He gave a short insight into the relevance of the theme for the day: Big Data for health and healthcare.
The first presenter Fransje van der Waals kicked off with a presentation about the collection, quality and analysis of data by taking everyone through the history of registration of data in healthcare practice and presenting an overview of all kinds of innovative methods how big data is used in the present. Nicky Hekster from IBM Watson Health gave an insight in how big data analysis and AI is developed within IBM and stressed the opportunities that lies in the wealth of date in impacting health. Onno Schellekens introduces the project digital health wallets where mobiles phones and the M-TIBA payment system connect patients, providers and payers in Kenya and can be used to pay for doctor visits and medicines. With all existing data in less developed countries he proposes the idea that data can also be seen as a new currency to improve health markets.

Madis Tiik, the keynote speaker of the day, closed the session off with a very interesting presentation concerning the future of healthcare in digitalizing, integrating, personalizing the use of data in healthcare systems. With the inspirational example of Estonia where all registration and information systems in healthcare are connected and integrated into all levels of healthcare. Furthermore he explored the next step, personalization of health data, where health data that is collected by the patient itself and all data can be managed by the person itself. Madis Tiik expresses the impact data-driven technologies can have on efficiency and cost reduction.

We want to thank the presenters and the audience for a great symposium. It gave us many reasons to realize the opportunities of data for health and healthcare and brings us closer to future possibilities.

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