A new Nigeria HIV[e]Education training has started!

Even though the prevalence of HIV is decreasing in Nigeria, according to the latest data from UNAIDS (UNAIDS Data 2018, read more here) the HIV epidemic in Nigeria is still the second largest epidemic in the world.

Health[e]Foundation is attributing to fight the epidemic, by teaching healthcare professionals in the country on HIV from prevention, to the newest treatment and care.

Health[e]Foundation knows her way around in Kano: in collaboration with Bayero University of Kano, we trained 200 health workers with various backgrounds in HIV[e]Education and Treat’n Care[e]Education course over the last 3 years. To fill the long waiting list of motivated health care workers waiting to participate in a course, we happily accepted the generous grant from Janssen Pharmaceuticals that allowed us to return to welcome these highly motivated participants in a new training group!

In collaboration with Bayero University of Kano, we started a training group of health workers from Kano and Zaria in November 2018. Prof. Abdulrazaq Habib, Dr. Muhammad Hamza and Dr. Mohammed Abdullahi were able to recruit 110 participants that started their three-month HIV[e]Education and Treat’n Care[e]Education training course. All participated actively in the kick-off workshop and they are now studying the e-learning modules. Throughout this 3-month period, participants can count on the ongoing support from Health[e]Foundation’s head office as well as our local Nigerian partners.

Health[e]Foundation will meet again with participants in a follow-up workshop in March 2019. During this workshop we will be able to extend the study topics from toxicity, drug interactions to resistance with local experts. The group will also be challenged to experience through real-life exercises how difficult adherence can be, what good and less good communication means, as well as the implications and benefits of this in their daily practice.

Janssen Pharmaceuticals, “na gode” for providing these participants with the opportunity to strengthen their clinical and practical skills to form their professional path.

Prof. Abdulrazaq Habib, Dr. Muhammad Hamza and Dr. Mohammed Abdullahi, “na gode” for your support and efforts during this training. It is noted with gratitude that your expertise, connection with the participants, and professional network are indispensable for this training project.


Would you like to learn more about our HIV[e]Education course, or even take the course online yourself? Check further details here.