10,000 pregnancies supported by LUCY

Health[e]Foundation’s LUCY journey started in March 2020, when we first launched the LUCY app to facilitate healthy and informed pregnancies among (expectant) women in Suriname. With tailored health information, (expectant) women in Suriname have been empowered to make informed decisions about their own health and the health of their babies. Following successful implementation in Suriname, LUCY was introduced in Ethiopia in November 2021 and in Kenya in March 2023. Today, we are celebrating that LUCY has supported 10,000 pregnancies with country-specific and accurate health information!

LUCY is a maternal and neonatal health app designed for pregnant women and parents of newborns. The app provides weekly information – based on gestational age or the age of the newborn – about growth and development; danger signals; healthy nutrition; immunization; as well as reminders for antenatal and postnatal care visits. All messages are contextualized per country, in line with international and national guidelines, and translated into local languages, including Amharic, Oromifa, and Kiswahili. The LUCY app reinforces healthcare professionals’ messages and informs clients in between antenatal and postnatal visits.

While we celebrate that LUCY has reached 10,000 (expectant) women directly via their smartphone, Health[e]Foundation is dedicated to extent LUCY’s reach to women who do not have access to a smartphone. Stay tuned on Health[e]Foundation’s website and social media to learn more about this soon!