Education in developing countries

Through education, societies receive knowledge, develop critical thinking skills and are empowered. For community health workers and other healthcare professionals, an educational foundation is critical to provide quality healthcare to their patients and clients. Continuous medical education is essential for them to stay up to date with the ever changing medical knowledge.

The role of education in developing countries

Many healthcare professionals and community health workers in developing countries can only access very basic health education. Continuous professional development (CPD) structures are often not in place that would enable healthcare professionals to access postgraduate training and stay up to date in their medical field. This leads to poor quality of care.

“Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela

Improving education in underdeveloped countries

Health[e]Foundation offers continuous professional education for healthcare professionals to improve education in developing countries. We do this by offering digital education programs, either as blended learning or e-learning courses, on various medical topics. This enables healthcare professionals and community health workers to update and improve their knowledge and skills. Our programs have been shown to significantly increase the knowledge and skills of the participants. Learners appreciate the blended or e-learning format which enables them to study anytime and anywhere, without leaving their clinics unattended.

Online education in developing countries

Based on the potential of digital and online education programs in developing countries, our organization has developed and expanded the digital learning approach to promote quality health education in poor countries. Health[e]Foundation supports an extensive learning curriculum and has years of experience with learning management systems. As a result, we are the perfect partner to develop digital and online education tools for your customers. Together, we can build engaging and interactive e-learning solutions for your organization in all medical fields.