Blended learning programs for healthcare professionals and community members

Since 2003, Health[e]Foundation has been empowering healthcare professionals and vulnerable communities around the world with our custom e-learning courses, accompanied by face-to-face workshops, also known as blended learning programs.

Our global health curricula focus on topics such as maternal and child health; SRHR; mental health; advocacy; infectious diseases; and community health and prevention. Our blended learning system has been enjoyed by almost 100,000 learners across the world, especially in rural and resource-deprived settings. By using our blended learning tools, participants can learn at their own pace, anytime and anywhere, either offline or online. They also experience a strong sense of being part of a supportive community, thanks to the face-to-face sessions which consolidate their e-learning experience.

“Blended learning fosters integration, improves effectiveness and convenience for individualized and collaborative learning and encourages participants to take responsibility for their own learning and time-management. It creates a strong sense of community thanks to the face-to-face workshops.”

Kick-off workshop

Our programs kick-off with a small-scale workshop where participants are introduced to the program and learning platform. They also interact with local experts, who are invited as guest speakers to ensure context-specific coverage and local relevance. Networking with other participants is key benefit of the workshops.


Participants start the e-learning course, which is hosted on our open-source learning management system and provides a personalized learning experience. Learners can access the context-specific content and learn at their pace, either online or offline, on various devices.

Follow-up workshop

Key topics are addressed in a collaborative setting focusing on the learners’ needs and day-to-day practice. Knowledge gain is evaluated, and the training course is monitored and evaluated. Successful participants receive a certificate from the Amsterdam-UMC, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Continuous education

Our alumni are encouraged to join the alumni network and have access to continuous educational opportunities.

Your blended learning solutions partner

Are you looking for a digital learning partner to develop e-learning or blended-learning?

Since 2003, Health[e]Foundation has developed expertise in building and implementing digital learning solutions, such as blended learning platforms and programs. Furthermore, we offer services such as curriculum development, e-conversion, implementation, learning management system platforms, and evaluation of learning solutions. We can help you build custom blended learning solutions that meet the needs of your organization and your learners. Of course, we can also help you with the implementation of blended learning.